Are we local? Yes we are

We always get asked if we are “local” town planners. We deal with all LGAs in Queensland and have a comprehensive knowledge of most of the planning schemes. So we consider ourselves local in a lot of areas (when it comes to TP) and have plotted the majority of the town planning applications that we have done in SEQ on a map. 




Three-storey extensions and dwellings

We do a lot of three-story dwellings here and have quite a high success rate. The latest amendment to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 includes two new performance outcomes under the Dwelling House/Small Lot Code that can hugely assist in supporting three-storey dwellings/extensions:

PO3 Development has a building height that:

(a) ….. (b)….

(c) contains a 3 storey component only where necessary to enable a predominantly 2 storey dwelling to address the local circumstances of topography (refer to Figure b);

(d) may be higher than adjoining properties only to the extent required to achieve the minimum habitable floor levels required for flood immunity.

Information table relating to secondary dwellings in SEQ

Looking at doing some dual key or auxiliary units throughout Queensland? We have prepared this helpful guide to give you some general provisions applicable to each Council region in South-East Queensland. If you have further questions, talk to one of our town planners on 07 3844 8818.


Download the below table in a PDF here: Secondary dwellings SEQ information sheet



Local Council

(alphabetical order)

Defined Use General provisions

(guideline only)

Council fee if triggered


Can they be rented? Does Council have a facts sheet?
Brisbane City Council Dwelling House (incl. secondary dwelling) 80sqm within 20m of the primary residence $1808; or

$550 depending on the issues.

No. Yes, click here.
Fraser Coast Dual Occupancy (can be rented) and Dwelling House (incl. Secondary dwelling) 70sqm of GFA and 100sqm of total use area $477-952 Yes, only if a ‘dual occupancy’ is created. No.
Gold Coast City Council Secondary Dwelling Attached to the primary residence or within 10m. 80sqm maximum $1894 Unclear but more than likely no. Yes, click here.
Ipswich City Council Auxiliary Unit 50sqm with 1 bedroom max. attached to the primary dwelling or behind it N/A No unless it is considered to be a ‘Dual Occupancy’ Yes, click here.
Lockyer Valley (Laidley Shire) ‘Apartment’ 50sqm maximum within 3m of the primary dwelling with a common roof. $1270 No. No.
Lockyer Valley (Gatton Shire) ‘Annexed Unit’ Attached to the primary house and not more than 2/3 of the primary house or 100sqm, whichever is the lesser. $1270 No. No.
Logan City Council Dual Occupancy (Auxiliary Unit) 70sqm or 100sqm depending on the zone within 20m of the primary dwelling $1505 Yes. Yes, click here.
Moreton Bay Regional Council Dwelling House (incl. Secondary Dwelling) Refer to Council website here. $780 Yes Yes
Noosa Multiple dwelling type 1 relatives 50sqm maximum but changes depending on the zone $2162 No. No.
Redland City Council Dwelling House (incl. Secondary Dwelling) 50sqm within 20m of the primary dwelling $1897 No. No.
Scenic Rim Regional Council (Beaudesert Planning Scheme) House (incl. Secondary dwelling) 100sqm within 20m of the primary house $1125 No. No.
Southern Downs Regional Council Dwelling House (incl. Secondary Dwelling) N/A $1370 Unclear Yes, click here.
Sunshine Coast Regional Council Dwelling House (incl. Secondary Dwelling) 60sqm or 90sqm dependent on the zone. Maximum site cover of 50%. Minimum site area 600sqm. $600 Unclear but more than likely no. No.
Toowoomba Regional Council Dual Occupancy Both dwellings are to be attached. $3799 Yes. No.
Somerset Regional Council Secondary Dwelling The total maximum gross floor area of the secondary dwelling shall not exceed 60% of the gross floor area of the dwelling house on the same site.


$1051 No No

GFA = Gross Floor Area



Note, the above is general information only which can be altered depending on the zone and overlays of a specific property.




Welcome our new town planner

Very happy to welcome Joshua Bosnic to the Steffan Town Planning team today. Josh did some work experience with us back in 2015 as an undergrad and has since accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience in development assessment throughout Queensland. This also means we have doubled our capacity for DA work so feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for some fresh eyes on a project. 07 3844 8818.

Logan to introduce new provisions for auxiliary units

Logan City Council has decided to set a new minimum lot size and frontage required for an Auxiliary Unit. Shortly, you will need 700sqm with an 18m frontage to construct an ‘Auxiliary Unit’ (i.e. a rentable grannyflat commonly known as a ‘Dual Key’). They are also introducing a new $23k infrastructure charge. If you want to establish an Auxiliary Unit in Logan. NOW IS THE TIME.

Secondary Dwelling (grannyflat)




new protection for character homes

New protection for Character Homes in Brisbane.


The state government has backed Brisbane City Council’s move to protect almost 30 heritage pre-1911 homes vulnerable to demolition.

A Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) is an immediate, interim response, which protects the building until it can be added to the City Plan via a major amendment.

The council’s intention to use a TLPI to protect the homes was sent to the state government for approval, which has now been received.

Suburbs with homes identified as pre-1911 included Auchenflower, Greenslopes, Lutwyche, Newmarket and Windsor and were found following the discovery of a historic sewerage map.

Are you on the new register? Give us a call to discuss.

sewer map from 1911

Looking for a job?

We are currently looking for a new part-time/full-time town planner to join the team. A great opportunity for someone to grow their skills with the businesses. Get in contact with Alex for more information via the contact form.