Centre Activity

Centre Activity

A centre activity can entail a very wide range of different uses in particular to the local zoning, local plan and local Council. The use of any of the following will ususally fall under the definition of a “Centre Activity”:

  • Amusement Arcade
  • Child Care Facility
  • Cinema
  • Club
  • Community Facilities
  • Convention Centre
  • Display and Sales Activities
  • Display Dwelling
  • Education Purposes
  • Emergency Services
  • Garden Centre
  • Health Care Purposes
  • Hotel
  • Indoor Sports and Recreation
  • Industry (in some instances)
  • Medical Centre
  • Multi-Unit Dwelling
  • Nightclub
  • Office
  • Radio or Television Station
  • Restaurant
  • Service Station
  • Shop
  • Short Term Accommodation
  • Utility Installation
  • Veterinary Facility
  • Youth Club

As many different uses can fall within other broader categories it is always recommended that you give us a call before going forward with any building work or material change of use.


Steffan Town Planning is an established town planning consultancy based in Brisbane, South-East Queensland. We have years of experience managing town planning applications from the preparation to the decision stage, and offer our clients the best chance to gain an approval for all types of development.

We value every client equally and offer a personal, hands-on approach no matter the size of your project. Steffan Town Planning provides town planning advice as well as all other services associated with town planning issues in Queensland. Please refer to the ‘Services’ section for all our town planning services.

Whether you are looking to build a house, add an extension, respond to a Council show cause notice, start a business (commercial or industrial) or subdivide a block, please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your town planning needs!

Town Planning Services


Steffan Town Planning can provide free advice in relation to your small lot enquiries and can prepare and lodge development applications to vary planning scheme requirements if necessary.


Most houses built prior to Dec 31st 1946 are considered to be under demolition control. Any alteration to these types of houses require development approval. We deal regularly with this type of approval and can ensure a smooth turnaround.


Some development will not trigger a planning approval because of its use, rather due to the proposal of building work itself. Most common in Ipswich, certain development will require development approval for building works assessed against the planning scheme.


A centre activity use can encompass quite a wide range of activities including a shop, office, restaurant, church, venue, bar…etc. Depending on the zoning of your property it may trigger a development approval.