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What is town planning and why do I need ‘development approval’?


Not everyone is familiar with town planning and why they may require Council approval for their development project.


To ensure your project fits within the guidelines set by council (depending on the nature of your development) ‘town planning approval’ may be necessary prior to ‘building approval’. The Council guidelines are developed in consultation with various stakeholders such as the State Government and the general public. The general aim of the guidelines is to ensure the proposed development fits within its local surrounds and does not have an adverse impact on neighbouring sites. Whether you are looking to build a carport, deck, shed for your home, convert a shop to a restaurant with no building work involved, or do an extension to a industrial building or townhouse development, town planning approval from your local Council may be necessary.

Steffan Town Planning manages applications from the preparation right through to the decision stage and can provide contacts for certification, architecture, drafting, building, surveying and engineering. In addition, Steffan Town Planning can provide advise on town planning needs including responses to Show Cause Notices, Information Requests, Public Notification and any other town planning matters associated with a project.

Here’s a list of the wide range of town planning services we provide that may apply to your project:


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